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About the Author

Cheryl Metrick is an author, artist, poet, actress and singer.

A New York SAG-AFTRA actress for over twenty-five years in theater, television, and film, Cheryl Metrick held principal roles in independent films, commercials, infomercials, voice-overs, and a Long Island Cablevision variety show.

As a professional singer and recording artist, Cheryl’s most recent recording is an inspirational song where she wrote both lyrics and music to There Are Angels. It was recorded live with a string orchestra to Frank Owens’ beautiful arrangement and won several song-writing contests. Cheryl sings genres from pop, jazz, and classic rock to old standards and musical theatre. She has performed at many of the New York Catskill Mountain Resorts and Hotels as well as cabaret clubs, charitable events, and industrials in the NYC/tristate area.

A previously released CD, Cheryl Metrick: Fantasy & Romance, is a recording of one of her NYC cabaret shows. A new CD consisting entirely of songs written by her will be released soon.

Cheryl’s interests include spirituality, music, acting, art, poetry, writing, humanitarianism, ecology, prevention of cruelty to animals, old movies, reruns of Twilight Zone, and just about anything by Frank Capra, Hitchcock or Spielberg.

Her Facebook page, called Cheryl Metrick: THERE ARE ANGELS, is dedicated to her There Are Angels song and angels in general. It quickly gained a large worldwide fan base. Her website is www.cherylmetrick.com

Montclair, New Jersey–based life coach and counselor, Jeree Wade, MA, is in private practice specializing in spiritually focused life coaching, counseling, and healing workshops. Her interests lie in continued research in the areas of emotional intelligence, compulsive caregiving, self-esteem, and empathy. She supports her clients in exploring self-empathy as well as self-responsibility.

Ms. Wade developed a group model that is both inclusive and accepting. It is limited to six people, and the focus is on issues of self-confidence, productivity, self-care, and empathy. The model includes John Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements and addresses improving relationships at home and at work.

With a degree in theater arts and a master’s degree in counseling psychology, Ms. Wade created and conducted Serenity Seminars over the last twenty years. These stimulating yet serene weekend seminars combine traditional group process, cognitive therapy, music, and relaxation.

Until she attained her graduate degree in 1995, Jeree enjoyed a career as a professional singer/actress. This attracts many working artists to her practice and seminars. She also performs a one-woman theater piece: Midlife . . . Oh the Drama! This performance has entertained and inspired many healing discussions in seminars and groups.

Jeree Wade continues to perform and produce theatrical shows, and she also maintains her private practice, small groups, and seminars. She is happy in both careers and is aptly capable of balancing the counseling / life coaching with the producing and performing. She does so ethically and with integrity.